Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I downloaded a crazy software today - Crazytalk. It is available from
Well I have never been a big fan of Jagjit Singh and his ghazals, but over the years, friends have introduced me to them and I am a fan now :-)

The best one I like are from Saath Saath and Arth and of course Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kahan with the lovely video of Sonali in Sarfarosh :-D

You can get good downloads of mp3s from and I will post some more links to mp3 sites soon. In the meanwhile if you want to email me, contact me at Email
My nephew is 4 months old. And he is quite a bundle to manage at this age, God alone knows what will happen when he grows to be a year or two old. Actually he is quite a riot to manage and does not drink milk, wants to play all the time, wants to be taken in the arms and swung wildly over our heads and does not want to lie at all....he cries if we put him down and that is the first sign of a spoilt child
He is ill these days with the changing weather and coughs and sneezes a lot. A common cold is bad enuf for us to manage for ourselves, we have a lot of problem doing that for a four month old....he coughs and then drools a lot - we have to clean him and ourselves, otherwise we would be covered in all that he drools !!!
He has started to teeth and it is quite early..some children start to teeth at 6 months, but 3 months is not uncommon..but still quite he tries to bite anything and everything and we have to be careful of what he can reach or not other wise everything reaches inside his mouth.
The most common thing that he puts in his mouth are his hands...he will put the complete hand and start to suck it...and then he massages his gums with the hand and gurgles and is very happy doing that :-) We have to take out his hands and then wipe them and his mouth and lips and then make sure that he has a teether to put in his mouth...

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Had a friend over today. He just got married and came with his wife to my home for the first time!
It is strange how a man changes so much after marriage. He was more responsible in attitude and showed much more concern for the future. He was his old self, cracking pathetic jokes and generally have a ball but he was more maturer. Only 20 days of marriage and so much change :-)
His wife was very nice. Very gentle and sweet and mixed very well with our family. Everyone was very impressed with her. She was playing with my nephew in no time and was very open and frank with us with absolutely no formalities!! It seemed that we were not meeting for the first time but had known each other for a long long time.
He is very lucky to have married her. A random thought, does she deserve him ;-)!! Just joking!!

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Seems that I am suffering from an acute case of Writritis Blockititis already. Do I have to write in my blogger if it is there? Is there a reason to post here, if one does not want to? So I think I will post when I feel, rather than constrain my thinking to a daily schedule. Early days.

One thing of note though. I can either go to a Swar Utsav (Musical Festival) at India Gate organized by India Today, or visit my Alma Mater for a marketing research cum Diwali fair. Wonder what to do !!

Friday, October 25, 2002

Ah, yes there is other hall in the vicinity which I forgot about. This hall is even more run down than the first one, and sometimes displays movies with names that can not be written on a public document.

So a long time ago, two of my friends went to see a movie. Some Govinda flick. The movie is going OK, when suddenly there is a commotion and the gates of the ground floor hall open and the movie is stopped. People from the top are craning their necks to see what is the matter.

No one could control their laughter when they learnt that one of the doors was open and a buffalo had accidentally walked inside the hall !!
Saw that Sholay is being displayed on the nearby cinema hall. Well, a thing or two about this hall - it is this run down place that caters mostly to the immigrant labour population from UP and Bihar. The place is not too bad except a musty air about it, broken seats (some, atleast) and non-working fans and a non-existent AC.

So, I felt so nostalgic about Sholay. I have always liked the film, first becoz it was sooo hyped that "Yeh to Sholay ka dialogue hai" or "Arre dekho yeh to Gabbar ki awaz nikal sakta hai". Then becoz I really like the film.

Have always felt that people who watched films like Golmaal, Chupke Chupke, Baton Baton Mein, Khatta Meetha sitting inside halls were really lucky. Sholay is undoubtedly in this category.

So making a plan to see Sholay yet again, this time, in a hall!!
Well, this is actually my second post as I just lost my first post to the vagaries of the enter button :-(
It is gone and gone for good, so no use grieving over it :-)
So, this would be my first published entry in my first blog.

Let me just say what used to be the standard output for the first program of newbie programmers, back when I was learning programming.
"Hello World" ;-)
There! I said it - the feeling is similar to having cracked a nasty PJ on an unsuspecting crowd.