Wednesday, October 30, 2002

My nephew is 4 months old. And he is quite a bundle to manage at this age, God alone knows what will happen when he grows to be a year or two old. Actually he is quite a riot to manage and does not drink milk, wants to play all the time, wants to be taken in the arms and swung wildly over our heads and does not want to lie at all....he cries if we put him down and that is the first sign of a spoilt child
He is ill these days with the changing weather and coughs and sneezes a lot. A common cold is bad enuf for us to manage for ourselves, we have a lot of problem doing that for a four month old....he coughs and then drools a lot - we have to clean him and ourselves, otherwise we would be covered in all that he drools !!!
He has started to teeth and it is quite early..some children start to teeth at 6 months, but 3 months is not uncommon..but still quite he tries to bite anything and everything and we have to be careful of what he can reach or not other wise everything reaches inside his mouth.
The most common thing that he puts in his mouth are his hands...he will put the complete hand and start to suck it...and then he massages his gums with the hand and gurgles and is very happy doing that :-) We have to take out his hands and then wipe them and his mouth and lips and then make sure that he has a teether to put in his mouth...


  1. I enjoyed reading about the baby. I love babies, even my puppy little ones. Natural is far superior to artificial. I am a great grandmother having helped and or raised many happy souls. Touch will teach your darling about his fingers how they move, their feel etc. Throw that ugly pacifier away!

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha! I look back and see your nephew was 4 months old in 2002! My goof.

  3. It's ok. He is nearly 14 now and is as naughty as he was then. Thanks for your concern and advice :)