Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Cleaning my drawer, I chanced upon a yellowing piece of paper. A long long time ago, I started to make this list. 50 things I would like to do in my lifetime. Here is what I have written till now, and the status in the brackets!

1. Teach (Doing it, and enjoying it throughly!!)

2. Gardening (Yeah, doing this too and enjoying it :-) )

3. Read Psychology (Umm, not got around to doing this till now)

4. Read Philosophy (Started to do this, but fell asleep! May be I need to start with something simpler than "Dialectical Dissertations on the Existentialistic Musings of Plato and their influence on post-modern Greek Drama")

5. Read Anthropology (Ok, somewhat there, I read a lot of stuff on this on the net and watch on discovery channel, so I have taken the easy way out)

6. Ornithology (Umm, I am sure this meant the winged variety, but my current pursuits are more about the human variety, if you know what I mean ;-) )

7. Trek in the jungles (Unfulfilled)

8. Watch nature closely (Not fulfilled in the way I want it to be, but somehow I manage to do this even in this concrete jungle)

9. Make my own library (Ok, reaching there. Already have a lot of books!)

10. Write short stories (Nope, the world is still spared that torture)

Will add 11-50 (and more!) as and when time passes!!

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