Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fanna Songs

I am listening to the songs of Fanaa. You can download them here. I really like "Chand Sifaarish" but the real gem in the album is "Mere haath mein tera haath ho". The music is good. Surprisingly, Prasoon Joshi's lyrics are great!

Incidentally, has a fairly bad review. I blasted them at the message board, and posting that message here!

I think Rediff has bad reviewers, who have bad taste in music and films. Over a period of time, I have developed a simple technique that I want to share; read what is termed as bad at Rediff and that is sure to be good! Why do all your reviewrs have a chip in their shoulders? Do they have unresolved childhood trauma that manifests itself in such stupid reviews.

Sure, all the songs in the album are not great. It has its highs and lows, but that does not take away the mellifluity away from some of the best songs I have heard this year! How can you call it "above average" and yet give it only two stars. You are yourself confused!!

Get better reviewers or stop reviewing.

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