Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ravana, Immortality and Vijaydashmi

This Vijaydashmi/Dusshera I was watching a live telecast of Ramlila and a strange thought came to mind, while I watched the battle scene between Ram and Ravana. As you would know, Ravana does not die when Ram hits him with arrows. When Ram cuts off his head a new one grows in its place. Ravana's brother Vibhishana points out to Ram that Ravana has been given the boon of immortality by Brahma and will die when the Amrita (Elixir) in his navel is hit by an arrow. Ram does that and Ravana is killed.

What struck me was there could be a scientifc basis for all this. Today's stem cell technology does look forward to doing this by harvesting stem cells from an umblical cord, the cord that ties a mother to a child, and using the stem cells harvested from there as a source for all 220 kinds of cells that make up a human body. Of course the end part of the umblical cord goes on to form the navel of the child. This is well documented and future research on human cloning also proceeds in that direction only with a large amount of attention focussed here.

Could it be that Ravana was a user of extremely advanced Microbiology and Genetic Research and that in addition to probably being the first person to use aviation also has this thing to his credit. We will know one day for sure.

As I search the internet for Ravana+Genetics or Ravana+Stem Cell or Ravana+Cloning, I can find related results but nothing which suggests what I have just suggested. When this post is published this may soon become the first entry on all these topics. Am I only one so far in the world to think of this theory, when the evidence has been staring us all our lives?


  1. Very Interesting connection that you have created here. I think since we have restricted our scientific thinking to some basic principles, we are not able to think fundamentally about things in different manner. I mean Ravana could have done it through a scientific process which might have made it easier as compared to methodology used by stem cell researchers. As you say he might also have been using cells from Umbilical chord.

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  3. If anyone on this earth with a solid proof,

    A scientist, A Physicist, A Geologist, A Doctor................

    Can explain the theory of evolution of Sir Darwin
    (sir bcoz we have accepted an grown up studying in school on his theories)

    will they be able to explain why it is only human

    1) Why is it just human able to find wheel?
    2) Why it is just human to invent fire?
    3) Why it is just humans to have feelings to express?
    4) Why it is just humans to build tremendous technologies?
    5) Why is the biggest invention "Computing" that changed the entire way of living is based on humans inner calculation method that is "Yes / No " or more specifically "0 / 1" developed by us (say binary in itself is 0 & 1, yes & no, positive & negative ?

    6) Why is it just humans who despite all similarities with the ape, orangutans, chimpanzees, are still much much extremely apart?

    "The change is of DNA just being as we know with the change of "mere 3%""

    7) Why is it just humans who have smiles on their faces, at least that could have been adopted by our counterpart say apes, orangutan, chimpanzees?

    8) Why is it just humans that cannot listen to sounds that other creatures do?
    9) Why is it just humans that live in homes and not in caves or in forest? Why just animals?

    10) Do we really are 100% percent aware about surroundings?

    For me at least it is confirm that these answers are way beyond to any one to reply on but still will make any one to feel underneath the meaning of existence of our being on this earth.

    Continue Living