Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Symbol for Rupee

Vote for the symbol of Rupee.


  1. Hey Ankur, do you really think any of those symbols are good?

    As a common Indian, I don't think I'd be able to make half of those symbols whenever I want to symbolize our currency. The only decent symbol is the small 'r' with two lines running across the stem of the 'r'. And I don't think it's original, but i guess it will do...

    I was disappointed with ET's lack of creativity. Maybe someone else will do a better job!

    How's life? Still in Noida? Keep in touch!

    Ravi Warrier

  2. Govt.of India , economic affair department ran a competetion to design a symbol for rupee like dollar have $ at its website

    here is my entery to the contest..
    My simplest yet worthy “peace of art” for Indian Rupee Symbol link..