Friday, December 16, 2005

ganguly issue to be taken up in Lok Sabha!

I am surprised! I am shocked! Does not the LS have more work to do?

this is just a game. why is everyone so agitated about a sportsperson? he may be out of the team fairly/unfairly...that is a debate for the sports pages...not for the LS. cricketers are unnecessarily glamourised.

Is the LS short of work? Let me ask them about the 100s of pending legislations that they need to work on. Are we going to waste precious tax-payer rupees on discussing inane, stupid and worthless pursuits? I am sure the honourable MPs have more than worry about a rich, underworked and overpaid cricketer.
If they really want to discuss, discuss Arjuna awardees of Archery selling chaat on Delhi streets to sustain their livelihood.

In my point, so much debate about ganguly is worthless. let's put an end to this nonsense. Let the BCCI take it up with the selectors. Let the cricketers and cricket lovers discuss this. Not the LS. The media is going crazy over such small things, by devoting reams of newsprint to this blown-out-of-proportion story.

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  1. sports and politics dont go well together...should be independent of each other