Thursday, July 06, 2006

News from my Alma Mater

The new batch at MDI has just joined. I was called as a part of the alumni, to address the fresh students. Most of them seemed eager to learn. Met a lot of my own students, which, to say the least, was a gratifying experience. Seeing someone succeed, is a great thrill!

Caught up with two seniors and that was nice :)

Met a large number of juniors and was glad to see their enthusiasm. An interesting point I realised was that sometimes, one is not aware of something that is very common knowledge. I have a vast repository of common and uncommon knowledge, but for some reason, I had never heard of Bain (a consulting firm), which is supposed to be the third largest firm for strategic consulting in the world. Since it is supposed to be a famous name, saying that I am not aware of it, was a kind of shocker to some people, especially the guy who was working in that firm :-O

In other news, MDI has started a new course called the International Management Program. The Hindu reports: -

Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, has entered into a tie-up with European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), France, for the postgraduate programme in International Management to give students an exposure in global markets. The programme, designed to meet the pace of change in the markets, will give students a chance to get experience in different continents.

The programme in International Management, ESCP-EAP will facilitate students to get paid during their internship in Europe for four months. This will also enable the students to get experience in a multi-cultural business environment. While students will study in Gurgaon for six months, in the second phase they will join ESCP-EAP in Paris, London or Turin. In the last phase they will be required to pursue the cultural and business immersion experience with paid internship in Europe for four months.

Other details are available here and here.

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