Friday, November 10, 2006

The Scourge from the Skies

It's here. As Nostradamus predicted, the scourge has finally struck the Earth from the skies.

Reality TV finally hit Indian Cable Television this last week, with the launch of the atrocious, obnoxious, odious, loathsome and stinking "Bigg Boss" (that's an extra g, in bold so that you don't miss it!).

Who wants to see "celebrities" doing household chores? Firstly, are they really even semi-celebrities? They are wannabes or havebeens. I don't want to watch Rakhi Sawant or Deepak Parashar or God forbid, Rahul Roy! Secondly, I certainly don't want to see them, without makeup, doing things that everyone does. I pay the cablewallah so that I can watch escapist fare, that makes me forget my life for the time I watch the telly. I have enough troubles in my life, thank you very much! I don't want to see theirs too!

When the show was announced through fairly slick promos, I had this premonition that something bad was coming out of this. And how!

Puhleez, take it off-the-air. Give us a break. Increase 10 rupees in my cable bill, but take this off now!

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