Sunday, December 10, 2006

Congratulations on getting married

Now that I am condemned to death..err...engaged to be married, there are a lot of reactions from the many people who come to know about my impending doom.
  1. A simple "Congratulations". Short, sweet and simple.
  2. "Shaadi Kab Hai? I need to make plans for that day" Mostly from over-busy friends and relatives.
  3. "Photo dikhao". Ab mere paas ho toh dikhaoon na. Waise karoge kya dekh kar? Post-match analysis karoge? [Pun intended]
  4. Shock and disbelief on face and in the voice. Mouth agape. After some time to adjust the mouth back to its normally-occluded stance, a guttural growl "How can YOU get married?" Kyun bhai, mere ko shaadi karna manaa hai kya?
  5. "You are not married? I always thought you were married." Now what I am supposed to say this simply escapes me.
  6. "My deepest sympathies are with you." This one comes from men who have been married for some time. I noticed that the strength of this greeting is inversely proportional to the amount of hair left on the greeter's head.
  7. "NAHIN.....AISA NAHIN HO SAKTA.......MAIN LUT GAYEE....MAIN BARBAAD HO GAYEEEEEE" - OK, this is more of wishful thinking but I think I may have seen a few elements of the fair gender mouthing something to this effect.


  1. Sir ji ..

    CONGRAAATULATIONS ... Shayad ab aapka 16 hours ka din kuch kam ho jaaye ..

    Best wishes..

  2. good one sir.
    n congratulations 4 the marriage!!!