Sunday, February 04, 2007

Of Weddings

Weddings in India are a public spectacle. Period. Of all that has been written about The Grand Indian Wedding, I think this one line sums up beautifully all that I have felt about the subject.

It is one thing to have a big wedding, it is completely another to manage it on one's own. In the olden days, when people had more time on hand, and weddings were month long affairs, grand preparations made sense. One had many things to do, but had much less to do per person, since the work got divided among many people.

With distances increasing and time reducing, the family affair of the weddings is missing. My closest relatives have arrived 3 days before the wedding, and other close relatives will arrive a day before the wedding.

This means that I have had to do most, if not all the tasks of the local variety. Expectations have probably not gone down as much as time available to fulfill them has. This means there is a serious crisis in terms of meeting everyone's whims and fancies.

If you want a big wedding, please come and organise one. That has been my fair cry so far. I am completely justified in saying that, I think. Inspite of that, I am still organising most of the wedding. Lagta hai, shaadi karne ki jagah, main shaadi karwata reh jaaonga :D

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