Monday, November 02, 2009


Oh when I sneeze
I want the world to know
And in Facebook I’ve found
The means make it so

When I scratch my face
My friends must be informed
Privacy has lost the war
Another bastion stormed

When I wipe my butt
And the paper is 2-ply
Everyone must learn
What, when and why

When the weather is sunny
The word must go out
And when it is cloudy
My Facebook must shout

When the kids are naughty
I must share my woe
And when they are nice
The world must surely know

My life’s an open (Face)book
Though nothing’s worth a read
But everyone knows my moods
Everyone knows my needs

And of course, I can ‘like’
And I can ‘nudge’ and ‘poke’
It gives me a definite high
Much higher than coke

I am constantly in touch
With people far and wide
All hear every word
All hear every aside

So, keep on writing, folk
I need my fix for sure
I am now picking my nose
Thought you'd like to know
– Kishore Asthana

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ankur...much much before you felt like this....there was one who had felt like this and he did not just post a blog-up and keep calm, though fuming. He wrote a book titled...The Cult of the Amateur. He is named Andrew Keel...Read it, if you want to hear yourself...