Sunday, November 08, 2009

Om Prakash Aditya

I am a great fan of Om Prakash Aditya. He was a great hindi poet and satirist. A master of laughter in the pre-cable days, he commanded great admiration at DD on the regularly broadcast "Hasya Kavi Sammelan".

Remembering him I got to know that he passed away some six months ago in an accident! May God rest his soul in peace.

Some lines from a poem of is the lamentation of a student about the vast course syllabus.

नास हो इतिहास का, सन के समंदर बह गए,
मर गए वो लोग, रोने के लिए हम रह गए,
बाबर, हुमायूँ, शाहजहाँ, और अकबर आप था,
कौन न जाने किसका बेटा, कौन किसका बाप था!

ज़िन्दगी भर लिख न पाया मैं चेकोस्लोवाकिया

अंक के  अतिरिक्त  मुझको  और  कुछ  भाता  नहीं,
क्या  करूँ लेकिन  गुणा करना  मुझे  आता  नहीं,
अकल अल-जब्रा  हमारी  जाएगी  जड़  से  पचा,
तीन  मैं  से  छह गए  और  क्या  बाकी  बचा?

भुगूल  में  गत  वर्ष  आया  गोल  है  कैसे  धरा,
और  मैंने  एक  पल  मैं  लिख  दिया  उत्तर  खरा,
गोल  है  पूरी  कचोरी, और पापड़  गोल  है, 
गोल  है  लड्डू, जलेबी, रसगुल्ला भी  गोल  है,
गोलगप्पा  गोल  है  मुंह  भी  हमारा  गोल  है  
इस  लिए  हे मास्टरजी  यह  धरा  भी  गोल  है.

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  1. Although of a more 'recent generation' :) i remember him well too...whenever he used to appear on TV, my dadi used to tell us stories of him and other 'kavis' visiting our house (my g'dad was a hindi publisher and editor). Saw him last on Sab TVs show "Wah wah" hosted by the unimitable Ashok Chakradhar (the show later touched new lows when anchored by some Lodha).

    There was some serene simplicity about the hasya kavi sammelans, the humor used to be very simple about everyday life, but somehow i feel the 'kavis' refused to come out of the 70's and 80's social political mindset which is probably the reason people (includes me too) prefer a crude crass comedy show to a hasya kavi sammelan...