Saturday, September 02, 2006

How to get rid of pesky telecallers

I am sure everyone with a mobile has suffered the girls who want to give you a loan or excitedly announce that I have won a fantastic stay in some hotel resort and would be able to claim it, if I would just visit them!

I have invented some of the best ways of getting rid of these pests and here I share a few!

1. Tell them you want a loan for Rs. 5 crore. That really gets their attention and then ask them if the recent bankruptcy you have filed for will affect this anyhow!

2. Tell them you want the loan but don't want to repay, does it somehow work that way? They put the phone down in a great hurry!

3. Ask for zero interest schemes.

4. Ask them to tell your name. Mostly they fail since they call random numbers. Abuse them and put down the phone!

5. Tell them you are busy but will speak with them in a moment. Keep the line on hold and do your work. Pareshan hokar 5-10 minute mein apne aap disconnect kar dete hain!

6. This is my persnoal favurite. It worked very well recently. I faked a "policewallah" accent and shouted at them - "Arre tera naam kya hai? Tera manager kaun hai? Company ka director kaun hai? Yeh thane ka phone number hai. Tere ko abhi batata hoon. Phone karke dukhi karti hai! Naam bata! Teri FIR likhta hoon." Aisi bhaagi, aisi bhaagi ki kya bataoon :)

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  1. awesome !!

    they are soo annoying........
    wanna kill them..

    sadly there one step ahead...every time i catch a wink of sleep...[both my airtel phone would ring within a few mins...with recorded messages...not even real people !!