Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Warning: PJ Ahead

A sci-fi cartoon strip, S-1019 by Brian Codagnone, takes place in the far future aboard the starship S-1019. In this three frame episode, one of the non-human crew members is typing as another one, Keon, an energy cloud, is watching over his shoulder. The dialog is as follows:

Keon: "What are you doing, Znaxl?"
Znaxl: "Writing a book!"
Keon: "What's it about?"
Znaxl: "It's a thriller. The hero is a paraplegic chameleon!"
Keon: "I'm going to deeply regret asking this... What's it called?"
Znaxl: " 'You Can Hide, But You Can't Run'!"

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  1. lagta hai aaj janaab total PJ mood mein hai :)