Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Some cartoons to waste your time!

1. Here's one real gem from recent times :-)

Dilbert's Project Uncertainty Principle

2. I have recently discovered Frank and Ernest and it is fast turning into one of my favourite strips, in addition to Calvin and Hobbes, Off the Mark, Non-Sequitur etc.

Doctor Waiting Room

3. Non Sequitur is the king of off-beat comics. The humour is dry, witty, sarcastic, cynical and yet very refreshing ;-)

New Economy

4. Okay, this is kinda OK, but I still enjoyed this. Refers to the recent no-call-list for telemarketing activities in the USA. A good initiative, and the growing pestilence of this breed in India, makes me wonder how soon are we to such an initiative in our country.

No Call

5. This killed me, I still can't stop laughing on this one :-)

You do realise!

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