Saturday, April 29, 2006

Confused about Telecom Tariff Plans?

If you have ever purchased a mobile phone connection, that makes you automatically eligible for the highest gallantry award of the nation (The Paramveer Chakra for times of war and The Ashoka Chakra for times of peace; take your pick).

If you think I am exaggerating, just think about the painful moments of labour or getting a root-canal surgery done. I would choose one of these any day, before you could even say cell-to-cell. I once heard a comic quip on a TV show as to why are Indians so good in maths. According to him, we get sufficient practice, while choosing our telephone plans! Choosing from among them is one of the most painful exercises known to the human species. Period!

Look at the process involved and you would get an idea. First step, decide technology GSM/CDMA. Then choose between companies in each section do you choose the one endorsed by the curvaceous beauty or the one endorsed by the now-out-of-team cricket star? Or is the one that lets me communicate with Berliners, Mother Teresa, Churchill and people-buried-in-cemeteries, the right one for me?

Next start the endless rounds of the friendly neighbourhood shops. Someone touts cell-to-cell calls. Another one extols the virtues of the freedom plans that promise to let you talk for as long you want, provided of course that you give them your credit card and debit card for keeps. Yeah, like thats going to happen!

Someone tells me that a particular company is giving the first two minutes of all calls free. So if I want to save some money, what am I expected to do? Call and disconnect after 1:59 ? I guess I will be busy looking at the watch rather than talking!

Do I need the free SMS plans? They could help me enter lots of contests on TV channels and vote for my favourite singer/dancer/actor/producer/spot-boy. That would be utopia, except for the fact that they are all prime rate SMSs with the micro-printed 6 Rs per SMS rates!

Do I need the free friends-and-family plan? But for that I need friends and family. And If I have a free phone and keep them calling at ungodly hours to gain maximum mileage out of my phone, they are sure to severe all ties with me for good!

Enter - Your saviour, your karnadhar, your palanhaar, your friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed! Tell your phone needs and get a personalised recommendation! And if you are an existing subscriber with a post-paid connection (like me), then you just upload the PDF bills that you get and voila! It not only tells you what you have been doing (calling/SMSing) butalso tells whom have you been calling. Oops! Hope the wife did not see that the girlfriend's number has the largest piece on that pie-chart!

And then it tells you which plan would suit you the most (means which saves the most money, Duh!). I uploaded 8 Airtel bills and was surprised that I could save Rs. 541 per month by changing my plan within Airtel, save Rs. 627 by changing technology from GSM to CDMA (Tata Indicom). But the real surprise was that if I changed from Airtel to Idea, I could get an average saving of Rs 767 per month! Whoa! Talk about saving money!

This is a great piece of software! Kudos to the developers. Now only, if they could help me choose the correct broadband plan, I would be in eternal debt to them!
Happy talking!

Here's a mail from the website's founder.

Season's greetings to you all. I am a 2002 batch graduate of BIT from Khalsa college. I am currently employed by Trilogy Bangalore and am involved in developing innovative services in the Telecom domain. For the past few months I have been very busy on my latest assignment in Trilogy. I have been writing the engine for a website called Your Bill Buddy. I want to introduce you to the site.

While at Pune, due to the pressing demands of calling my then-fiance-now-wife Nidhi who was in Delhi, and the high variation in the cost of calls across various plans, I used to have a great fetish towards finding the cheapest tariff plan for mobile phones given a specific requirement. So basically, I along with other friends at Trilogy presented this idea to our management and we decided to build a service for everybody to be able to find the best plan for themselves.

So, is a FREE service where you can upload your latest e-bills (PDF) and you can get a recommendation. Currently, we are supporting ALL plans in Karnataka and Delhi and ALL NATIONAL plans in all the others states.

As of now, a good 80% of the users in the trial runs have found a better plan to switch to. One guy even discovered a possible monthly savings of Rs. 800. If you have any post paid mobile connection, it is worth at least one try. So just click on , go to Register and check out the service.

For your kind information, we have no motives of calling you or using any of the information provided in your bills for purposes other than calculating the best plans for you. If you still wish to refrain from providing your bills, you can still register and use our recommendation wizard and get the recommendations. This service takes only 3 minutes flat from registeration to recommendation.

Drop in a line if you any feedback/suggestion or hopefully words of appreciation. :-)


ps: Just check it out and if you find it interesting enough, pass it on to your friends.

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