Thursday, April 20, 2006

India wins over Pakistan

I am fresh from India's victory over Pakistan at Abu Dhabi. Every Indian has his superstitions about cricket, favourite clothes, favourite seating position etc. to help India win the match!

I have two, both used against Pakistan :-)

One is to play the song "Aaj Hum Apni Duaon Ka Asar Dekhnge; Teer-E-Nazar Dekhenge, Zakhm-E-Jigar Dekhenge" from Pakeeza. I can guarantee that if I play this song, a Pakistani wicket is sure to fall!

And the second is even more ludicrous. If the first trick fails for some reason, I have to eat an orange. As I eat an orange, a Pakistani wicket will fall. Never failed me :)

The first one worked today and made India win the match. At least that is my theory ;-). I was too lazy to get up and do it yesterday, otherwise we would have won yesterday's match too!

The second one, I used in that famous quarter-final in World Cup 96 (remember Jadeja hitting Waqar for 40 runs in 2 overs, and the infamous Amir Sohail - Venkatesh Prasad spat!!)

Ah! The stupid joys of watching a cricket match!!

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