Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Of surveys, loss of youth and heartburn

I completed 30 years of my mortal existence last December. And since then I have been plagued with a malaise that is impossible to wish away - I am over 30!

Nowhere is this more pronounced than online/offline surveys/forms that I keep filling. Till recently, I was happily placed in the range of "24-30 years" in the age column. Sometimes, someone did manage to infuriarate me with the upper limit of a preposterous "25-35 years" entry, but life was mostly happy. But with this 30th budday behind me, I am suddenly in the "30-35 years" category, or worse, "30-40 years". But the real trouble is "30 years or more"! This one assumes that everyone is the same after the Golden Age of Thirty!

I feel like not filling in the survey properly, if I get an entry like that. These marketing guys had better make better surveys or they had it! It is like the shopkeeper who knows never to to call an older woman "Auntyjee" or worse "Ammajee". He calls her "Didi" or else the woman takes her business elsewhere! :-)

Of course I am not vain about my age and do not hide it, but it does open for me, yet another window to my mind! :-)

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din...........................

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  1. arreeyy sir kitni baar bataya na, aap dil se jawaan ho!!....... now this invariably brings the perineal question to my mind....aap single kaise ho sakte ho :p (bura na maan-na)