Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saurav Ganguly and the Height of Sorriness

The new Pepsi ads by Saurav Ganguly, which have him proclaiming, "Hi! Main Hoon Saurav Ganguly." are sorry at the best. He looks old and unfit to come back in the team, let alone, be captain. And by association, Pepsi is making a fool of itself by banking on an old and decaying tiger. He may have been the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Maharaja and the the Prince of Calcootta, earlier; but is now merely a shadow of his former self.

I wonder what kind of marketing thinking and logic went into this ad. The campaign is good, what with the "Blue Billion" and the "Ooh Aah India, Aa Yaah India" etc (btw, this line reminds me more of Iodex). But Ganguly is a misfit in this. Had they had other retired oldies like Gavaskar or Kapil Dev, that would have lent grace but Ganguly only manages to backfire.

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  1. ultimate sorry ad hai, koi cheez is ad ko justify nahi kar sakti, ganguly ke paas paiso ki to kami hogi nahi, ab izzat ka account waise hi low ho raha tha, uspe ye ad, zor zor se duniya ke saamne bol raha hai ki "mujhe bahar nikaal diya, aane ki fite maar raha hu(par aane nahi denge)" shaayad horlicks boost ki ad hoti to fir bhi samajh aata thoda, par pepsi :D sahi hai zarur kisi IIM ke bande ka idea hoga ;)