Saturday, October 07, 2006


I think I am too good for my ownself. Always having been taught to be good to others, do unto others as you want others to do to you, I think I lost somewhere the basic human instinct of self-preservation and self-interest. It has been repeatedly diagnosed by various people as lack of assertiveness and aggression.

I myself thought about this earlier too, in this blog entry, where I said "It's not that I have given up on "Angry Ganeshan" - I still admire him and his unique antics, his choleric and wrathful outbursts, his unique perspective on most things, and his shameless avarice and self-promotion. I am not looking for a complete role-model, but sometimes admire the brazen and bold manner in which he puts across his point, something that I sometimes feel, I need to develop more."

My choice of Langda Tyagi, Don etc. as Orkut avatars, also indicates tendencies in that direction. Have I started to admire their chracters' personalities completely? No. Thankfully I can recognise this on my own. And thus the remedy is easy to find. I should become more assertive in life, so that people do not tread on my toes and my pent-up frustrations do not get expressed as Orkut Avatars!

Time to take out my dust-covered copy of "How to say no when you don't want to say Yes!"

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