Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Growing Old (Relatively)

All of us are growing older every moment. I am doing that. You are doing that. Every one is on this one-way trip to being older every moment.

Different people have different ways of going older. Some become senile. Some turn contemplative. Some turn philosophical. Some give up. Some become mature. Some become uninterested.

Me? I am turning younger! I did not believe it initially but now I am convinced that my tastes are becoming younger everyday.

Take a simple example. Music. When I turned 4-5, I discovered these two great things called Radio and TV. They were controlled by the government and I developed a taste for Oldies. From that age the junoon went in all directions old. I became an oldies junkie! However, In the last 1 year or so, I have noticed that I enjoy new songs more than earlier. While I still enjoy oldies, I enjoy new ones too. And the preference for oldies is going down too, although only a bit. Quite the reverse of what one expects!

The same goes for movies, clothes choice and past times and life in general. I enjoy things that are enjoyed by people younger to me.....and less of what is normally expected of my age. Now, is that a case of delayed adoloscence kicking in again, or simply an effect of so many young people around me in my daily work remains to be analysed! Any thoughts?


  1. sir aap kaafi jawaan ho :) aur dil ki to baat hi mat karo, ap dil se to kisi ko bhi anytime maat de doge in any aspect associated with being young!!!n haan mere khayaal se wo working with young ppl wala factor is true to some extent(latest example being scrapgate :D waise ye bhi aapke "young at heart" hone se

  2. I dont know abt other thing but this new found liking for new things has more to do with Himesh Reshamiya than any body else.. Isn't it.. ;-)