Thursday, August 17, 2006


Recently watched Omkara. Hard hitting! Shakespeare's story with an Indian twist was good. The western UP setting was good. The abusive language is in keeping with the movie's mood and dark undercurrent.

I think this is Saif Ali Khan's best work. I, for one, could not imagine him in that Avatar, but he does it better than anyone could have. I think the reason he carries it off is because he is not expected to, so the burden of expectation is not present. He performs, knowing that he is expected to fail. To me, this is not Ajay Devgan or Kareena's movie. This is Saif's movie.

Vivek Oberoi was pathetic. He has the worst role or the worst rendering of the role, or may be both. Wonder what is he doing with himself after some really intense work in earlier movies.

The music is smashing! All songs are fantastic. The lyrics of the three fast songs are, what one calls, rustic and earthy. The others are soulful.

Hats off to Vishal Bhardwaj. I wonder can anyone do a better job of adapting Shakespeare for India. May be Mani Ratnam or Ramu Gopal Verma.

Coming up next from me - What if Govinda and David Dhawan were to attempt an Othello!

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