Monday, June 26, 2006

Hyped and over-rated

I really hate these over-rated and hyped "celebrities". I mean is there nothing better to do on telly than to watch their stupid antics.

1. Mallika Sherawat - Bad looks (Looks like a neighbourhood auntie who this thinks she does, but does not know how to apply makeup). Bad figure(looks like a bloated cow). Wonder what the hype is all about. Cannot act, can only ham. And worst of all, thinks that baring her body is equal to sensuousness. YUCK!

2. Rakhi Sawant - The worst face I have ever seen on a woman. Has nothing special about her, but thinks she is God's greatest gift to mankind in general and menfolk in particular. Bad voice (Raspy like a saw). YUCK Twice!

3. Mahesh Bhatt - Sorry to put this talented guy in this list. His talent was visible in Saaransh. But he has his mouth open for anyone and everyone. Media relies on him for soundbites on everything from prices of onions to terrorism to whatnot. If he keeps his mouth shut and makes good movies, then it's ok. Else YUCK!


  1. arrey itni nafrat ;-) waise i have pretty much same opinions on these over rated ppl, but then they had luck their way i suppose :-D

  2. I recently saw a program on TV which showed the worlds most famous celebrity extravagances - the one that caught my attention was an extravagance by rapper Wyclef Jean. He bought a Hummer and he turned its boot into a big aquarium in which he kept 2 baby great white sharks. The final comment by the TV anchor was that "Wyclef Jean will be the only person in the world who will have a head on collision and a shark attack at the same time"