Monday, June 19, 2006


An Email from Pratigya - Anti-Reservation fight group.

Dear Online Petitioner,

We write to remind you that online petitions, signature campaigns and sundry protest moves will not cause the Government to reconsider its Reservation policy. The anti-reservation movement is going strong and you are needed! We are in the process of forming an organization (named Pratigya) of educated Indians so that we can be effective in the destiny of India. Your participation is highly important.

To see how you can chip-in please check out . The site itself has been built by volunteers, if people like you start using it, it would certainly become the focal point of the movement. The various features like the Wiki, Blogs, Gallery, Forum and File store have been laboriously built for your use. Do check out our activity groups.

We are pursuing concrete plans, do get involved in any of our open Activity Groups (Join section) as per your comfort, skills and interest. Like you, we are ordinary people who have resolved to redeem our country. Without you there is no moving ahead. The agenda is available at

The Newsletter - Progressive Pages is available on the homepage

Pratigya Team

Let's do what we can!

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