Monday, June 26, 2006

Mallu :)

A "Mallu" female ( from the heart of Kerala). Went for a job interview for the post of a secretary. When the manager saw the Mallu's colourful attire and gold and well oiled uncombed jet black hair, his mind was screaming " NOT THIS WOMAN." Nevertheless, he still had to entertain the Mallu.

So he told her " If you could form a sentence using the words that I give you, then may be I will give you a chance. The words are GREEN, PINK, YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE, PURPLE and BLACK ."

The enthusiastic Mallu lady thought for a while and said : " I hear the phone GREEN GREEN GREEN, then I go and PINK up the phone, I say YELLOW......BLUE's that? WHITE did you say? Aiye, Wrong number ...........Don't PURPLELY disturb people and don't call BLACK, ok? Thankyou."

The Manager fainted.......

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