Saturday, June 17, 2006

Woman's death officially confirmed as being from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A woman whose death has been officially confirmed as being from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is the first such officially-certified death.

Overwork is a condition that afflicts most B-school Grads. In the blind race for more money, more perks, more everything, they forget that life is also for living. Laughing a bit here and there is something that is not going to kill them. Not doing that, however, may kill them.

Bad lifestyle, poor exercise regiment, alcohol, tobacco and food with lots of saturated-fatty acids and preservatives are other concern areas for most people.

Infact with India growing at a tremendous pace, such pratices are likely to continue more than less. Japan's example of Karoshi makes that amply clear.


  1. You seem to believe the psyhcological explanation more than the biological one.

  2. it's not that - i believe CFS originates in the body - but it affects both the mind and the body. that aggravates the situation and leads to disaster. for me it is a somato-psychic disease than a psycho-somatic disease.