Saturday, June 03, 2006


There are two pictures that are nearly identical; you have to find three differences between them. If you can find the three differences, then you are a part of an elite group of individuals. This has been tested on more than 8000 people, and only 19 people so far out of these 8000 have been able to find the differences indicating superior ability to concentrate, observe and analyse.

I have found only 2 differences so far and am working hard on finding the last one. Check out the link. Let me give you a hint. Go very close and find out. Have your speakers turned up as there is some nice and soothing music that plays alongside.

Click here to see this amazing thing!

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  1. he he...that was cool!!! though i have seen variants of this one...this one in particular was new to me, dara to nahi par haan headphones ne kaan phaad diye :-D